The Animated iMessage Sticker Pack to Trigger Boomers

Finally, there's 20 hilarious ways to deal with boomers on iMessage!
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Ok boomer Ok boomer LOL meme All these flavors and you chose to be salty Vintage ok boomer Take a nap boomer
Nyan cat boomer Boomer bear Ok boomer script triggered redacter Ok boomer echo
Cool story boomer Boomer smoker It's raining boomers Back to the future boomer Deal with it boomer
Whatever you say boomer Sir boomer meme Triggered? Anime boomer Boomer boop

About The Stickers

Why do I need these awesome animated stickers?
Has anyone, ever sent you a text complaining about something? If so, the Ok Boomer animated iMessage sticker pack is the easiest way to defend yourself. Just reply with one of our stickers and that boomer is guaranteed to get triggered.

Bonus: it works on Gen X’ers, Millennials and even Post-Millennials too!
Why are boomers always complaining?
Even though boomers basically ruined everything for everyone else, it’s just easier for them to blame young people instead of accepting any responsibility themselves. Our stickers are the easiest way to shut. them. up!
Are you upset that someone sent you one of our awesome stickers?
Ok boomer.
Why did you make these stickers?
We’ve found it’s pointless to argue with a boomer. So we decided to give everyone an easy way to stop the conversation in its tracks. Next time someone complains, hit ‘em with one of our stickers and watch them disappear out of your inbox…forever.
When is a good time to drop a boomer sticker?
When a boomer tells you to get a job - Drop a boomer sticker. When a boomer says all you do is complain - Drop a boomer sticker. When a boomer starts a text with “When I was your age…” - Drop a boomer sticker. When a boomer texts you about anything at all - it’s a good time to drop a boomer sticker.
Wait. Boomers know how to text?!
Unfortunately, yes. But don't worry - they spend way more time spreading fake news and leaving long voicemails you'll never listen to.

How To Send Stickers

Tap the iMessage apps button
Open a message with with a boomer and tap this button.
Tap the Ok Boomer icon
Select one of the 20 animated stickers for that special boomer in your life.
Don't see the sticker pack on your keyboard?
Scroll to the right in the iMessage apps menu until you see the more button. It's the one with the three dots. A list of your iMessage apps will appear. Tap on edit and turn on the Ok Boomer app. Still having issues? Ok boomer.

Got a Ok Boomer sticker suggestion?

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Don't like animated sticker packs?

Ok Boomer...
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